If you never thought that a huge, gigantic earthquake that would seriously kill thousands or millions of people would come this year, then think again. Recently, Japan has been hit with an earthquake, killing lots of people. And this anime was made to tell you sbout it.Though it was thought that this would come thirty years later, after being made in 2009, it happened this 2011.


Mirai Onizawa

-the protagonist and one of the 3 main characters of the series, Mirai is a young teeneager with angst about her life. Most of the reason being due to the fact that her parents work a lot and she never gets to do what she wants sometimes. But as seen in the anime, when it comes to her little brother, she does everything to keep him safe, even if it means risking her life.

Yuuji Onozawa:

-the younger of Mirai, has a passion for robots and only wants his family to get along with one another. On their mother’s birthday, he makes a request to go to a robot convention with Mirai. He stays with Mirai and Mari throughout the whole trip.

Mari Kusakabe:

– a motorcycle delivery woman and a mother who helps others in times of need, Mari meets both Mirai and Yuuji at the Robot Convention in Odaiba. Later on she helps them get back home since her home is on the way to theirs too.

The anime ends with all returning home safely, but it is soon turned to sorrow as we discover that Yuuji dies along the way to home, befor reaching Mari’s hometown, Mira and her family take this badly as Mirai is the most affected. Soon life returns to normal after some time and looks as if the earthquake had never happened….

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On the contrary, this anime may seem normal at most but be wary for it has some ecchi scenes out there, unseen to the eye.

So for all the non ecchi people out there, DO NOT WATCH. Thank You.

On the other hand this anime has some good comedy and fighting scenes especially with guns and all.


Natsuru Senou

=The protagonist of the series, Natsuru is the one first shown along with Sakura and Akane. He is also the one kampfer who is a male and transforms into a female and he is a magic user. His entrail animal is the Harakiri Tiger. And all the girls like him except Sakura who likes his female form instead. His female form soon becomes one of the 3 idols.


Akane Mishima

=The other blue kampfer and local librarian at school. Her entrail animal is Seppuku Black Bunny. Her personality and hair color changes when in kampfer mode and she is a gun type kampfer. She is also too ummm “knowledgable” in “those stuff” leading to many misunderstandings of Natsuru’s actions.


Shizuku Sango

=the student council president and one of the 3 idols, she is a red kampfer but decides to form a truce with Natsuru and Akane. Part of her hair changes color when in kampfer mode and she is a sword type kampfer. Her entrail anima is Electrocuted Lynx.



=Natsuru’s childhood friend and one of the red kampfer she has had a longtime crush on Natsuru. She is not seen in the first few episodes though. Her hair totally changes color when in kampfer mode and she is a sword type kampfer.


Kaede Sakura

=Natsuru’s crush since…..forever? She may be a Watcher for the Moderators as suspected by Shizuku. Her favorite entrail animal is Burned Alive Lion.And she is one of the 3 idols.





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Hey! I know it’s been some time since my last post, but here i am again. And don’t forget my posts are according to the ones I just watched and all….

Ichigo 100% is like Clannad and Air in the sense that almost all the female protagonists fall in love w/ the male protagonist. So for all you love-comedy anime lovers out there, Ichigo 100% is definitely the anime to watch aside from clannad, air, fruits basket and a lot more.


Manaka Junpei

The male protagonist of the whole series. He is kind and encouraging(the very same thing which made the girls fall for him), and also goes out of his way to help a friend in need. His dream is to make movies and to show them all to people. Unfortunately he was very indecisive at some point which made most of the girls mad at him.

Toujou Aya

The smart and pretty girl who fell in front of Junpei with the strawberry panties. She likes Junpei but knows he likes the other girls too, which causes her to lose hope sometimes.


Junpei’s first girlfriend. At first he thought that she was the one who fell in front of him………


He met her at a river bank, filming her hair blowing in the wind, but she thought he was a pervert due catching him accidentally filming filming her panties as she fell down. After meeting him at school again, they fought then became friends soon after, then she developed feelings for him and became a bit aggressive in the process….


His childhood friend and a girl younger than him, Yui constantly teases Junpei about him being a crybaby during their childhood days. And she sorta tortures him with her bad habit of unconsciously undressing while she sleeps.

and his friends, who i wont mention ‘coz it’s a bore ๐Ÿ˜€ but to make up for it i’ll show some pics :))

The plot is about a guy named Keiichi Morisato who is very unfortunate as to the point where it happens to him daily. But sudenly his life turns around when he accidentally calls the Goddess Asistance Agency and gets a wish….


Keiichi Morisato

-he’s the male protagonist of the series. He was totally unfortunate with almost everything until, of course, the day he met Belldandy ๐Ÿ™‚

One ย funny male protagonist :))


she’s the female protagonist ,very nice and kind all the goody stuff, a first class goddess from heaven


-Urd is Belldandy’s older half sister, unlike Belldandy who is a first class goddess she is a second class goddess due to somethings that she did….. She also tries to “help” Keiichi and Belladandy’s relationship.


-she’s the younger sister of Belldandy and Urd, unlike the two she can’t use magic yet and does not have an angel either but she can build incredicle machines at the blink of an eye. ย At first she dislikes Keiichi due to him “stealing Onee-san” from her but she soon accepts him too


she is the “Queen” of Nekomi Tech College who thinks that Belldandy is challenging her for the position,which she isn’t doing at all

Ohtaki & Tamiya

-they are the co-founders of the Motor Club and the current president and vice president since the original president already graduated


-a first class demon yet the most dummest of all the antagonists that i’ve ever seen……..she’s a girl though she sounds and looks like a guy


-she is Keiichi’s younger sister. A fun loving ย and energetic person who teases and cares a lot for her brother


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I know this isn’t really an anime but i’d just like to put it in ๐Ÿ˜€

The movie was released somwhere during the Golden Disney years and the director was someone from Disney also. Though the company who supported it was Nest Entertainment, most people still think it’s Disney….


Princess Odette

She’s the main protagonist of the movie. She’s sorta like a combo of Belle and Ariel…..

Prince Derek

Male protagonist of the movie. Somehow i think he’s sorta weird in a way :))

King William

Odette’s dad and king of their fair kingdom

Queen Uberta

-Derek’s mom

Lord Rogers

-the conductor of the orchestra and something else


I personally recommend this anime to those who know Rie Kugimiya and love her roles! Also to those who love comedy/romance/action types. I found this anime while searching all of ย Rie Kugimiya’s voice roles.


Louise de la Valliere

-the main girl character of the series. She is bad in magic but is later found that she has a powerful type of magic called Void magic. She likes Saito but like all tsundere type characters doesn’t show it at first.

Hiraga Saito

– Louise’s familiar known as a Gandalfr. He is usually punished by Louise due to him starig at other girls. He likes Louise.


-a maid who likes Saito. She envies Louise solely for that reason.

Princess Henrietta

-Louise’s childhood friend and princess of Trysting

Other characters