Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

If you never thought that a huge, gigantic earthquake that would seriously kill thousands or millions of people would come this year, then think again. Recently, Japan has been hit with an earthquake, killing lots of people. And this anime was made to tell you sbout it.Though it was thought that this would come thirty years later, after being made in 2009, it happened this 2011.


Mirai Onizawa

-the protagonist and one of the 3 main characters of the series, Mirai is a young teeneager with angst about her life. Most of the reason being due to the fact that her parents work a lot and she never gets to do what she wants sometimes. But as seen in the anime, when it comes to her little brother, she does everything to keep him safe, even if it means risking her life.

Yuuji Onozawa:

-the younger of Mirai, has a passion for robots and only wants his family to get along with one another. On their mother’s birthday, he makes a request to go to a robot convention with Mirai. He stays with Mirai and Mari throughout the whole trip.

Mari Kusakabe:

– a motorcycle delivery woman and a mother who helps others in times of need, Mari meets both Mirai and Yuuji at the Robot Convention in Odaiba. Later on she helps them get back home since her home is on the way to theirs too.

The anime ends with all returning home safely, but it is soon turned to sorrow as we discover that Yuuji dies along the way to home, befor reaching Mari’s hometown, Mira and her family take this badly as Mirai is the most affected. Soon life returns to normal after some time and looks as if the earthquake had never happened….

other pics:


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