*Ichigo 100%*

Hey! I know it’s been some time since my last post, but here i am again. And don’t forget my posts are according to the ones I just watched and all….

Ichigo 100% is like Clannad and Air in the sense that almost all the female protagonists fall in love w/ the male protagonist. So for all you love-comedy anime lovers out there, Ichigo 100% is definitely the anime to watch aside from clannad, air, fruits basket and a lot more.


Manaka Junpei

The male protagonist of the whole series. He is kind and encouraging(the very same thing which made the girls fall for him), and also goes out of his way to help a friend in need. His dream is to make movies and to show them all to people. Unfortunately he was very indecisive at some point which made most of the girls mad at him.

Toujou Aya

The smart and pretty girl who fell in front of Junpei with the strawberry panties. She likes Junpei but knows he likes the other girls too, which causes her to lose hope sometimes.


Junpei’s first girlfriend. At first he thought that she was the one who fell in front of him………


He met her at a river bank, filming her hair blowing in the wind, but she thought he was a pervert due catching him accidentally filming filming her panties as she fell down. After meeting him at school again, they fought then became friends soon after, then she developed feelings for him and became a bit aggressive in the process….


His childhood friend and a girl younger than him, Yui constantly teases Junpei about him being a crybaby during their childhood days. And she sorta tortures him with her bad habit of unconsciously undressing while she sleeps.

and his friends, who i wont mention ‘coz it’s a bore 😀 but to make up for it i’ll show some pics :))


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