==Zero no Tsukaima==

I personally recommend this anime to those who know Rie Kugimiya and love her roles! Also to those who love comedy/romance/action types. I found this anime while searching all of  Rie Kugimiya’s voice roles.


Louise de la Valliere

-the main girl character of the series. She is bad in magic but is later found that she has a powerful type of magic called Void magic. She likes Saito but like all tsundere type characters doesn’t show it at first.

Hiraga Saito

– Louise’s familiar known as a Gandalfr. He is usually punished by Louise due to him starig at other girls. He likes Louise.


-a maid who likes Saito. She envies Louise solely for that reason.

Princess Henrietta

-Louise’s childhood friend and princess of Trysting

Other characters






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